129. To Re or not to Re- Student Loan Update

To refinance, or go on a repayment plan that is the question…Tis nobler in the pocketbook… enough mock Shakespeare quoting. What are the options available to physicians about debt? When should you refinance? What is the benefit now of the Repayment plans? Is revised pay as you earn worth it? With the help of student loan expert Jason DiLorenzo we answer those questions and more.

128. How much House can I Afford? And Other Physician Specific Mortgage Questions

In this practical podcast Todd DeKruyter outlines the mortgage landscape currently available to physicians. There are many positives like little to no PMI (private mortgage insurance), less down payments, etc. But how much house should you really buy? Which lender should you use? How do I decide? Today’s podcast offers some tips on figuring that out

Special Edition - Yield 6.0 - A Journey of Surrendering all of Key Currencies of Life to Jesus

In the last installment of Yield, we’ll try to drive home why all this matters. We’ll see how living in light of eternity’s light and trusting in Jesus helps us to take hold of life that is truly life. Living out what Jim Elliot said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” May that be true of us, may we live as though we are at home in heaven.

Special Edition - Yield 5.0 - A Journey of Surrendering all of Key Currencies of Life to Jesus

Part five of the six part series on this journey of surrendering to Jesus all of life. We’ll walk through a case study. The text if you want is on our Facebook page. The challenge today is to apply this Bible verses and conversation so far to a family. Then if you are daring, we’ll call you to begin to look at your own financial situation through the lens of Scripture.