Doctor's Eyes Only provides resources for Doctors and their spouses about Money, Marriage, and Life. Through this website you can subscribe to the podcast, search for resources on a particular topic, or connect with us about anything specific to the medical world.
Our goal is to help you thrive in more than just medicine. The issues with money common to a physician’s life can be daunting or just plain odd to handle. And we know you want to handle that well. We want you to be more than just successful; we want you to be significant. Money often becomes a really big obstacle when it comes to you mattering where it matters most. We’d like to make money less of an obstacle and help money get back to its rightful spot as servant.
Money also has a language. There are 401ks, 403(b)s, 457(b)s, FLPs, 529s, Donor Advised Funds, Roth IRAs and back door Roth IRAs. (And that doesn’t even get into Estate Planning or Assets Protections jargon). Oftentimes listening to an expert in financial affairs is like listening to a foreign language. We promise to address the money issues in simple English. We will the technical jargon behind. We often say, we’ll be simple but not simplistic.
But it’s more than money. In our experience in counseling and advising over 500 specialty physician families money issues are more than just math problems. Money problems stem from marriage and life problems. Sometimes money issues are simply money problems. More often than not, they come from the spilling over of the life through marriage, parenting, scheduling, and time issues. We find money cuts across all areas of life. Where appropriate, we’ll address topics that relate to physicians on life, parenting or marriage issues. These however have arisen from conversations on money.
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Todd's passion for family formed within the amazing example his parents provided in spite of their substantial wealth. Todd watched as his father achieved incredible success without allowing the demands of his career to push his family relationships aside. Todd now seeks to carry on this legacy by challenging other financially successful families to do the hard things necessary to remain close when the world provides ample opportunity to pull you apart.

Books, Publications and Podcast

Todd authored the book “Navigating Life with More than Enough,”  has several chapters in the book “UnPrepared,” and his articles have been seen in numerous websites and outlets.  

Todd helped bring DOCTOR’S EYES ONLY into existence and has grown it into a collection of relevant media for physicians and their spouses on money, marriage and life. This stems from his passion to see physicians and their families build stronger, life-long, relationships. Because of this he is a co-host of the podcast for DOCTOR’S EYES ONLY. The podcast now has over 15,000 subscribers. 

Professional Credentials and Expertise

Todd has eight years of experience as an executive at a financial planning and wealth management firm exclusively serving doctors. In addition to corporate experience, Todd founded two businesses: DK Financial Group and Reclamation Builders. As the CEO of DK Financial Group, Todd focuses on businesses in culture development and transitions and on organizations and individuals in the financial services industry and the generosity movement. He also runs Reclamation Builders, which reclaims homes by purchasing, renovating, and reselling them.

Todd is a CHARTERED FINANCIAL CONSULTANT™ (ChFC®). Todd is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Greater Indianapolis and the Estate Planning Counsel of Indianapolis. Todd has served as a board member with Financial Planning Association of Greater Indianapolis and as the chair of their pro-bono committee. Todd has studied at Harvard Business School, has earned his Bachelor’s degree from Huntington University in Bible and Religion, and his Master’s degree in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. 

Family Life

Todd lives in Fishers, Indiana with his wife Janelle, two sons and two daughters. They are actively involved in their church and local community. Todd enjoys traveling with his family, being active outdoors, playing tennis, and reading scores of books. Todd has a passion for biblical studies and desires to leave a legacy of generosity and compassion.

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